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The (re)Introduction

Hola, aloha, waddup

This is ya boy almo١٠٠ (almo-one-hunned). Remember that name cause it'll be on here a lot. Newcomer to Wasta Radio, head of the blog and just plain music connoisseur. Out here to bring you as much as possible music wise in Dubai and worldwide. Born and bred Dubai boy, Glasgow Uni grad (big ups Glesga crew). So lets get down to business.

Let (re)introduce and (re)define Wasta (wah-s-ta) Radio. We are a movement. Music is what we are about. Non of that commercial radio/club shit. But true music appreciation in all its form.

We here to promote. The Dubai underground has for too long been off the radar and its time we took a stance. Its time we gathered on common grounds to help each other be the best form of our creative selves.

We are a platform. We bring the platform. At Wasta Radio no artist is discriminated. No music style is left out. Join us. Be part of the movement. We can't do this alone. Only with you, the fellow artist and appreciater, can we build the community and become a force in this industry.

If there is just a hint of a rapper in you, join us at the Beat N' Greet. Go one to one with other producers at The Beat Down. Get your hips ready for the soon to come Vibração to satisfy your Latin American cravings. For Drinks/BBQ in the backyard (Tuesday drinks included) have a peek at Day Vibes. Like I said, Wasta Radio is about all music.

There is a lot more to say, but I don't want to drag on for too long. So I'll sign off with a little music suggestion. Before that, thank you for reading and join us again at the Wasta Radio blog for album reviews (Check This Joint), updates and comments on events (not only Wasta Radio), and all musical developments in Dubai.

As promised: I Tried To Forget You - Sylvester

Peace out,


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