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That Was A Night: Kaynouna

"Art of Chilling" - Kaynouna. Accurate but also quite the opposite

I've been in Dubai for almost my whole life. 4 years of that was away and thats when I really began to discover music. Not because I suddenly decided to get into it, but because I was surrounded by an abundance of different art forms and acts. Dubai lacked that. For too long we were choked musically. I have my suspicions for that, however that discussion is for another time.

Back to Kaynouna, this event showcased some of the best Deep House tunes I have ever witnessed myself in Dubai. Our ears were blessed with tastes from upcoming DJs from around the world. To top that off almost every tune was spiced with some arab-espue trebles that obviously blew the crowd away. Clearly they thought long and hard about the playlist, they made it relatable.

The beauty behind deep house is its appeal to any type of listener and suitability for any setting. You can chill with it on a tanning bed, bang your heads on a long road trip, or even move your body like crazy on a dance floor. You're bound to get hooked to the genre even if you never listened to it before, I say that from experience.

Huge credits to the guys who set this up. I was thoroughly suprised by the turnout and the amount of movement from all the party-goers. This is the type of night we need more of in Dubai. The clubs are currently there, the music is being played, but not in the way I saw at Kaynouna. Not with the freedom provided. They even had circus toys man!

Quick end note: if you don't know what Deep House really is check out this;

Man O To - NU

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