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That Was A Night: THE BEAT DXB

If you’re reading my blogs and thinking I don’t know what I’m talking about, thinking to yourself that the music scene here has had some action, you are completely right. But please bare with me, I just moved back in September and I’ve been slowly coming to grips with the music scene here in Dubai.

I am once again thoroughly shocked by the level of talent we have here, their passion for the art is loud and clear. Brought over from Jeddah to Dubai by the one and only Big Hass; the Beat DXB showcases a number of upcoming artists from the Middle East. This was only the second time the event was held, but it has already accumulated a respectable following and I can see it growing more with every showcase. I’ll be writing more about each artists in future blog posts, but for now let me break down my experience of the event as a whole.

Each performer presented their own identity, a feat that is really difficult to accomplish, especially here in the Arab World. A place where modern music standards are defined by external influences, which have become the preferred source for many listeners over the past 10-20 years. I’m not saying we are losing our musical identity, I’m saying our musical development plateaued years ago and almost no one has even batted an eye. I won’t runaway from the fact that the music played at The Beat DXB was presented through these favoured genres but the material spoke of us. I’m telling you all this because I believe that good music that is heavily influenced by external sources can be appreciated for a night, but it is bound to get lost in the mass medley of the music world the next day. This is something we need to be careful of, and I’ll be honest from my experience of the night, we have small ways to go until we form our own identity, but we’re still not there just yet.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to be hating or spreading any negative vibes. In fact, I liked, if not loved, every artist that had the guts to get up there and share their original music. Like I said the talent is there and I truly felt their music for being a reflection of their own identity and thoughts.

Massive love to all the performers. Look out for the next Beat DXB by following their Instagram @thebeatdxb. I will definitely be there supporting the upcoming talent.

Peace out,


📸: Asad Siddque (Instagram: @ashestoasad)

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