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"Who Dis?": Shébani

Updated: May 11

This was a first for me again, I hadn't seen or heard of Shébani before. But at this point at The Beat DXB I just freed myself for anything to be thrown at me and I knew I would be wowed. The moment Shébani came up, my boy MC Hype warned me to prepare myself. We were in for a ride and a very wild one. Backed with a live band that carried her voice too well to explain with words. I could tell that she equally loves making her audience bounce to a jam or sway to an emotional ballad, the important part was making the crowd feel as she did. Beside that... Damn she got range!!

Alright so lets just cut me out now. Here we are... Shébani!

Origins -

100% Iraqi!

Passions -

Music, reading, photography

Music Genres -

R&B, Neo-Soul, alternative rock

When did you become a creative? -

In a serious manner? About 3 years ago.

What sparked that desire within you? -

It was difficult to avoid honestly.. music was always right there in front of me, all I had to do was be brave enough to jump in. But the easy answer would be: people who believed in me.

Upcoming projects -

A few singles coming soon! But in the grander scheme of things, I'm planning out my first full-length album!

Your ambitions -

Music of course! But songwriting in specific.​

What is your take on the creative industry in Dubai? -

To keep it simple, it's definitely booming, definitely making BIG moves. However, we as a collective and a unit have A LOT more to learn, and by that I mean, we need to carry each other better, and empower each other better, REGARDLESS of the gender.

Your past and current challenges in anything -

Mustering up all the courage to truly and entirely love who I was and who I've become. Whether it was about my personality or my appearance, coming into terms with yourself and accepting yourself to the fullest is a challenge, and it was definitely a challenge for me, but I can proudly say that I'm finding it a thousand times easier lately.

What is your goto sundown/sunrise drive? -

It varies, but I'll be specific and say there's this ONE song that I love listening to while driving; Angus and Julia Stone - Big Jet Plane.

BBQ and chill in the backyard or party at the club​ -

I'd have to say anything with R&B, whether it's old school or new school.

Favourite headgear -

Damn... can it be my curls? Coz that's pretty much everything I "wear" haha.

Check out Shébani and her music on her youtube or soundcloud

Keep up with Shébani on her instagram: @shebanimusic

Peace out,


📸: Asad Siddique (Instagram: @ashestoasad)


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