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That Was A Night: The Losing Party Party

Now throughout this post I may sound a bit biased, but to be honest with you guys this music was my teen days. That super indie scene; Bon Iver, Two Door Cinema Club, Death Cab For Cutie, And The Giraffe (yes that is a band), *enter more obscure band names here*; you name it. I liked the softness of it, how easy it was to listen to it, how reflective it was. Yeah yeah, I'm coming off as a very emotional teen but that's who I was. The Losing Party Party tapped back into that. I left the place and went straight for an emotional ballad in my car. I'll mention it at the end.

New Wasta-neer, Asad, told me about it 30 minutes before it started. I was hesitant at first, but the thought of going to yet another underground event over powered that. I had to experience it.

Now this event was underground, so underground it was held in The Losing Party's basement. I walked in and immediately thought to myself, "I must be at the wrong place... This is a house... In Jumeirah..." The only indication of being there was a logo at the front door and 2-3 arrows pointing me in the direction of the event. Finally seeing the faces of a number of randoms I was reassured, excited actually that I finally found a truly underground event.

The audience were sat on a floor of a small basement room with a redish-blueish-purpleish glow, which alone set the intimate mood. There was a maximum of 20-25 people there, probably less - I'm bad with these estimates I'm too focused on the music. In front of us, the performers, appropriately sat on a chair for the all to see.

The night consisted of 2 solo acoustic acts - Sultan Saffron and We Speak In Colors - and a three piece band - Vandalye. Each had their own seperate flavour of indie. I'm sure most of you know the indie sound, so I'm going to give it straight here; none had a new sound, or better yet a particularly different sound from what already exists in the indie scene. If you're a lover of the genre for the way it is, then this event is definitely for you. However, if you don't fall into that category, then I'm sure there was a an air of distaste to your listening. Personally, I floated between those two attitudes. I loved it as I always have, on the other hand, my tendencies for exploration and discovery were not satisfied, I felt I heard the music before. Then again, the event was moreso directed towards the appreciation of a sound we already know, portrayed through local talent who have proven themselves to be very decent songwriters rather than a showcase of new experimental sounds. So I guess I'm at fault for my own light cloud of dislike.

All in all, I truly did appreciate the event. Clearly the only way to know about it was word of mouth. The level of lowkey was what I always dreamt of attending since I was a teen; I just never had the friends to direct me the right way. Huge praise to all the acts that performed for us, your dedication to the art is commendable. Special thanks to the crowd for reinforcing that intimate vibe setup by the host. In all honesty the intimacy made me feel sort of special and unique (hahaha sorry if that cheesed anyone).

To figure out when the next The Losing Party Party is go to their instagram.

Keep up with the acts: Sultan Saffron, We Speak In Colors, Vandalye

Oh yeah, before I forget the song was Micheline - Sun Kil Moon

Peace out,


📸: Asad Siddique (Instagram: @ashestoasad)


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