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"Who Dis?": Ghaliaa

I don't know about you guys, but I’m a lover of music instrumentation, and this girl definitely taped into that. She used a loop machine live! And bossed it! She whacked out a guitar! And strummed it with the dreaminess of a holiday crush! She banged out a tabluh! And had the audience almost break down into a dabke (well I was about to)! Throughout all this, blessing us with a voice that had a calm raspiness to it, so rarely found but so wonderfully loved. Now it's one thing to master each instrument alone. Another thing to sing with each instrument alone. But, to know how to play all and sing with all is a massive feat of its own. Simply speaking, Ghaliaa has the dedication akin to great multi-instrumentalist who are always looking for new forms to produce sound.

I can keep blabbering on about the wonders of multi-instrumentalism, but you're not here for that... So here we are... I give you Ghaliaa!

Origins -

Syrian, raised in UAE Al Ain. Currently studying Mass Communication at Abu Dhabi University.

Passions -

Music, Multi-instrumentalism, composing

Music Genres you're interested in -

R&B, Country, Rock

When did you start becoming a creative? -

Starting singing 4 years ago. Been playing instruments for 9 years.

Which instruments do you play? -

Piano, Guitar, Derbake (Tablah), Drums

What sparked your desire to become a creative? -

My passion for diversity and languages expressed through music

What languages do you sing in? -

Arabic, Spanish, English, French, Turkish

What is your take on the creative industry in Dubai/UAE? -

It's going somewhere huge and it will be internationally recognised very soon.

Your past/current challenges in anything -

School, I was very bad at school so I would get bullied for it and called names like failure, dumby for only being good at sports and music.

What is your go to sundown/sunrise drive music -

Blake Shelton/Sam Hunt country music

Beach day or desert day? -


Sneakers or slides? -


Keep up with everything Ghaliaa through her instragram: @ghaliaaofficial

Her youtube is definitely the place to check out her music

Peace out,


📸: Asad Siddique (Instagram: @ashestoasad)

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