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"Who Dis?" : Reazon

Now... I've never seen Reazon perform myself. But I have been in the studio with him for a Silsila interview. It was a calmer day so we had time to jam after, listen to beats, freestyle, you know the drill. I can tell you this much, this boy has captured his voice and can lay down bars on any beat you give him, and he always came in with a different flow to compliment the beat. He's the type of guy who won't pigeonhole himself to a singular sound, neither does he want to. Versatility is his biggest weapon.

I'll just bring him in already... I give you... Reazon!

Origins -


Your passions -

Rap, guitar, BMX riding.

Music genres you're interested in -

Hip Hop/Rap, Rock, Metal, Light Trap (defo not mumble).

When did you start being a creative -

I was always into rap, but I started writing my own shit mid 2017.

What sparked this desire within you -

I gained inspiration from my favorite artists (Cole, K Dot, Em), and after seeing the way that Rap has been "evolving", I realized that I really can;t stand how rap is going to shit. Therefore, I decided to put out my songs in hope of preserving and actually bettering the rap game.

Upcoming projects -

I have a big album planned, all lyrics are done, I'm just planning the recording sessions and sorting out what beast I'm using (producers hmu)

Your ambitions -

To constantly grow as a person, and hopefully make a mark for myself in the world through my music.

What is your take on the creative industry in Dubai/UAE -

I'm proud to acknowledge the fact that the scene has been growing in Dubai and the UAE in general, but I still see that there is much room for improvement. More events, gatherings, and what not will make the scene much bigger and 1000 times more organic

Your past and current challenges in anything -

Maintaing good performance in Uni while keeping up with my music and life in general.

What is your goto sundown/sunrise drive music -

Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd

Who would win in a fight? Goku or Superman? -

Lol bruh Goku hands down!

Eggs or toast?

Eggs ftw!

Stay tuned to Reazon by checking his instagram: @Reazon18

He just recently released a new lyric video on his Youtube

Peace out,



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