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Yo! Check this!: Light - Nightlight=

Now before I delve into this EP I just want to mention that I'm not a Trap head. I don't own any Trap in my music library, at most I listen to the genre when I'm at a gathering or having a drive with friends, the AUX is not in my hands here. However, I can't refute that its taken a massive hold on the Pop scene and I definitely understand its appeal. The lyrics are simple and easy to get a hold of, it's got that unavoidable catchiness. That is Pop music.

To give it to you straight, Nightlight= is not doing anything new to the scene, he is just putting forward his own contribution. The EP lacks the originality that I look for in music, but that's just a personal preference. I can tell he has listened to a lot of music from the scene, and has attempted to emulate his own version of it through Light.

That being said, if you are a Trap head, this is an album to check out. Light presents Nightlight='s versatility with production. You enter the EP with a slow jam, a heartfelt one, a song that you'd be listening to alone at home late at night, or even a solo drive. It'll get you thinking about the past, contemplating it. From there the album makes a gradual climb for more bouncy and group orientated vibes. Once you hit "Round ERE", you'll for sure be nodding your head, possibly even be asking for a club vibe right then and there. "Nice Vibes" rolls in with the calypso sounds, personally it gives me a Joey Purp-esque tone, for anyone out there who knows. If you don't then simply imagine yourself with your best mates, convertible car, driving down the beach road. Thats the scene for playing this tune. The EP ends on a hard note, "Goin' Left". Here Nightlight= showcases the idea that after all the self reflection and partying, he is still strong and won't take no shit. An agreeable attitude to take on.

I mentioned that Nightlight= "attempted" above, that is a keyword. On a technical note, the EP showcases some interesting productions however have failed to really make the mark. Most of the songs were overly mastered and too focused on the bass, leaving the higher frequencies dangling by a single hand on a cliff, trying to show itself but not really. Sometimes the higher frequencies just fell off and some how got a life line to reveal itself again, but only to a small degree. TL;DR inconsistencies in production and mastering. On another note, Nightlight='s voice was bombarded with layers of autotune, I can tell that he has a good voice; deep, baritone-ish. But that was all lost through the wrong use or over use of autotune. As far as I can say, "Over Here" had an appropriate amount, even suitable for it. On a personal note, I'm an advocate for presenting a natural voice, unless the autotune was lightly spiced or, in the case of James Blake or Bon Iver, experimental.

Like I said, I'm not a Trap head and neither do I voluntarily listen to it. I did listen to Free 6lack quite a bit when that first dropped, but never really got on the Trap wave since. So it's very possible that I'm just missing the point here. Regardless, I know Trap lovers that would be into Light, it just didn't make the cut for me.

p.s. I would've whacked "Over Here" at the end. However, this isn't my EP, its Nightlight='s.

Peace out,


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