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Yo! Check this!: Chips & Fruits - VCE

This time round I want to turn your eyes to a music video. Its not just about how trippy the video is - by the way it definitely is. It's more the combination of visual elements that accompany the audio so well. In the backdrop your typical Arabian apartment block. The scene is made to look dusty. It's that brown which gets everywhere that can only be found in desert countries. Bland yes, but this is the colour of home for many. The image slowly closes in on VCE as he continues his bars, he becomes more clear, as does his lyrics. More familiar scenes pass by, images of what the past was. And back to VCE, as he slowly drifts away. Everything about this video tries to implant a sense of nostalgia. "I miss y'all much, inshallah i'll be back soon. Mohammed's youngest tryna make it doing rap tunes".

Make sure you check out the music video.

Here are a few words from the man himself; VCE!

Check out his instagram: @iam.vce

Can you break down to me the story behind Chips & Fruits?

Chips and Fruits is basically a convo between me and my older bro Ahmed. 1st verse is him telling me how bad everybody misses me back home especially his kids. 2nd verse is me explaining why I left and that ill be back soon.

I was born in Barbar (Nahr alnil state) in a small village named Algadawab, with two sisters and 3 brothers, both pops n' moms were tailors but pops used to work in khartoum that's like 5 hours away.

kitchen showers, skipped meals no electricity nor clean water but life was really beautiful and simple. At 7 we moved to khartoum, everything was pretty much the same except for the electricity part, shit was way better we even bought a tv. Fast forward pops died in 2013 and in 2016 I graduated from college, an year later my guy got me a lil job in kuwait, now im out here doing 12hrs a day which makes it a bit harder for me to write notes. that's what i gad in mind when i wrote the song. chips is the money i left my family for and fruit is my fam. the whole shit is about finding balance.

Just over a month ago you had your last release “3000”. What are you moving towards now? Are you thinking of releasing an album?

3000 is an old joint I recorded in 2015, I wanted to do a video for it back then but the kid was broke as a joke. The plan is to find another addy that's better for my music hustle and im currently working on an EP titled "Muhammad's Four Eyed Youngest"

Who is VCE? What does it stand for? Who is VCE when he’s not rapping?

I kicked it off as a record producer back in 08 and since everybody was rapping I thought of getting my pen game on. I met Brooklyn Hitz around the same time and dude was a motivation, plus he was dirty with the beats. We dropped a couple of hits til' 2010 i got a DM from Emmitt Hill Co-founder of diamond soul management and I signed a 3 year management contract. THIS gave me the push I needed and actually opened doors for me. In 2014 I had to put everything on pause cuz fam needed me to get that degree. And now I'm back at it and ready to take what's mine

It was Ace da kiid, a nickname an old friend gave me before rap. Changed it to VCE to stand out more cuz there's a lot of Aces around the world.

What is your take on the music industry in the MENA region? Or just Sudan if you’d prefer to talk about that scene.

I don't really know much about the music industry in MENA but Sudan's hip hop scene is def prospering, lots of cats are getting it in and that's a good look.

Who would win in a fight? Chips or Fruits?

I think fruit would win cuz its more authentic, chips is here today and gone tomorrow, fruit is forever.

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