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inShort [الزبدة]

Updated: Aug 28

في البداية keep in mind هذا اول بلوج اكتبه

و فكرت to write it in a way I thought would be مختلف

Today after I released my first single on all major platforms my approach & view on music has changed forever.

Dramatic, Yes.

بس الصراحة كان لازم يكون في تطور في الفن

شوف الانسان اللي ما يطور نفسه اكيد مريض و محتاج علاج

So I tried to get creative and I started with making music over the passed 5 years now with the hope to just get better.

Boy was I lacking drive & ambition.

I didn't see that this could be something bigger.

و الحين يا حبايبي لقد وجدتها الmusic لازم تكون فيها روح و احساس

و اهم شيء العائد for the time

I know you're probably thinking 1 of 2 things....

1 - "انت سكران ؟!"


2 - "انت خطير!"

Any ways it all comes down to this my song 'Jawab' was such an interesting experience and I think thats was an ironic yet very insightful message from God.

اسمع و خبرني

You be the judge


Jawab - Beatz by Hype.

  • Jawab is 2 minutes and 48 seconds long.

  • It's in the key of A minor and the time signature is 4 beats per measure.

  • Loudness is -14.81 db and the tempo is around 140.04 bpm.

  • Acousticness: 72% - Track is acoustic

  • Danceability: 80% - Track is good for dancing

  • Instrumentalness: 96% - Likely is instrumental

  • Energy: 28% - Track is on the mellow side

  • Speechiness 5% - Probably doesn't contain talking

  • Liveness: 11% - Track was recorded in a studio (not live)

  • Valence: 40% - Vibe is sad, depressed, and/or angry

Hope you enjoyed Jawab and hope this blog post was fun to read :)

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