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"Who Dis?": UglyMoSS

Updated: May 12

Origins -

Egyptian/Syrian born and raised in Dubai

Your passions -

Music and fashion

Music genres your interested in -

Trap , Hip Hop , Rap & Rock

When did you start being an artist/creative -

Took it serious around 2017

What sparked this desire within you -

I found escape in music

Upcoming projects -

My full project is coming out this year

Your ambitions -

Rock the world

What is your take on the creative industry in Dubai -

Its' a hard city up next fasho

You past and current challenges in anything (not just the creative industry) -

I have to take care of lotta stuff and the same time focus on my music and make a living

What is your goto sundown/sunrise drive music -

I do both

What is your favourite headgear?


Who would win in a fight? Goku or Superman?

Goku mane , superman aint shit


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